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Olympus Superzoom 110

Olympus Superzoom 110

The Olympus Superzoom 110 is a snapshot camera. It dates back to the 90s. The model was also offered as “Olympus OZ 110 Zoom” in Japan. Photographers in the US could also buy it as the “SuperZoom 3000 (Infinity SuperZoom 3000)”. Additionally, there was a model with the option of imprinting the date the picture was taken. The available dates go up to the year 2020.

The camera comes with a fixed lens. The name of the lens is “Olympus Lens Zoom” and it is composed of ten elements in eight groups. The zoom lens has a focal length range of 38 mm to 110 mm. The largest aperture is f/3.8 (38 mm) and f/8.1 (110 mm). There is no need to focus manually with the 35 mm camera. The Olympus Superzoom 110 has an autofocus. The closest focusing distance of the lens is 60 cm.

Type of Film: 35mm
Focal length: 38 mm - 110 mm
Maximum aperture: f/3.8
Focus: Autofocus
Shutter speeds: 1/500 s to 2 s
Flash / Flash connection: Built-in flash

📷 2 months warranty
⚙️ Tested and works perfectly
🎞 Takes 35mm film

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