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Agfa Optima 1535 Sensor

Agfa Optima 1535 Sensor

The Agfa Optima 1535 Sensor is a 35 mm rangefinder camera manufactured by the German company Agfa in 1977.

It has the typical big finder of the Optima series, but on this special model it is combined with a superimposed coupled rangefinder. Shutter speed is controlled electronically by a CdS meter, with speeds from 15 sec. to 1/1000 sec. A special feature of the series is the film advance lever which can be switched to also rewind the film at its end.

Lens: Agfa Solitar S 1:2.8/40mm, 4 lenses in 3 groups
Focus: 0.9 m to infinity
Shutter speed: ~15 – 1/1000 (electronic shutter)
Aperture: 2.8 – 22
Exposure mode: full auto
Go/no-go green and red LED in viewfinder, as shutter speed indication
Filter size: 49mm
Film type: 135 film
Film speed scale: ASA 25 – 500
Battery: Three P625U
Size: 104 × 69 × 56 mm
Weight: 260 gram
Self-timer: no

I would recommend the Optima 1535 Sensor. It has a wonderfully simple Bauhaus inspired design. The lens is fast and sharp. The large viewfinder is nice for people with glasses. The film transport system allows for highly efficient film usage.
And, it is compact enough to easily be tossed in a bag and just carried along. It’s a wonderful small camera which trades off a little in size to provide more precise focusing and sharper images.

The camera comes with a Strap, Batteries and a Orange B/W filter, for more contrast in your pictures.

📷 2 months warranty
⚙️ Tested and works perfectly
🎞 Takes 35mm film

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