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Minolta Riva 35

Minolta Riva 35

The Minolta Riva 35 is a simple 35mm camera. It was launched in the early 1990s by Minolta Camera Co., Ltd. in Japan and is the successor to the Minolta FS-35. The model is limited to basic functions and was aimed primarily at hobbyists. Under the name “Minolta Freedom 50N“, the 35mm photo camera was marketed in other markets worldwide.

The novelty of the time was optical, while the technical specifications remained the same as the FS-35. Later, there was the Minolta Riva GT, which also differed only visually.

The 35 mm photo camera is equipped with a fixed lens. 35 mm is the focal length of the lens. The camera’s widest aperture is f/4.5, and there is no autofocus. The lens is fixed to focus from 150 cm to infinity.

The 35mm camera has a built-in light meter. It is designed for films from ISO 100 to ISO 400. The film speed is read via the DX code; if this code is not present on the cartridge, the camera selects ISO 100. The shutter speed is always fixed at 1/125 second. The aperture is f/8.
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