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Minolta Riva AF35

Minolta Riva AF35

The Minolta Riva AF 35 is a compact camera. It was presented by Minolta in the 90s and built in Japan. Functionally identical variants were also sold under the names “Minolta Freedom AF 35” and “Minolta Mac-35“.

The 35mm camera comes with a fixed focal length. The focal length is unchangeable and is 35 mm. The widest available aperture is f/4.5 and the lens is focused by a built-in autofocus system. The closest focusing distance is 95 cm.

The camera has a built-in exposure meter. This is designed for ISO 100 and ISO 400 films. The camera technology reads the DX code of the film cartridge and sets the exposure meter accordingly. It covers a range from ISO 100 to ISO 1000 for color negative films. However, ISO 100 or ISO 400 is always set depending on the value.

The shutter speed and aperture are set automatically by the electronics. The 35mm photo camera has a built-in flash. The flash range is up to 3.2 meters at ISO 100.

The 35mm camera has a built-in self-timer and a thread for a tripod. In addition, a camera strap or hand strap can be attached to the side.

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