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Olympus AF-1 Twin

Olympus AF-1 Twin

The Olympus AF-1 Twin is a compact camera. It was presented by Olympus in the late 80s and sold under the name “Olympus Infinity Twin” in the USA.

The Olympus AF-1 Twin is designed for 35mm film. It is black in color and its design is strongly inspired by the Olympus AF-1.

The special feature of the camera is its lens, or rather the two lenses. It has two superimposed lenses with different focal lengths (35 mm f3.5 and 70 mm f6.3).

Now, if you want to shoot a distant subject, you switch to the 70 mm lens. In short, a very simple zoom. Another special feature at the time was the water resistance of the Olympus AF-1 Twin.

Otherwise, it is very similar to other compact cameras of the time. Thus, it works practically without much intervention from the photographer. It finds out the film speed by DX coding, then it sets the exposure by itself and the film is also transported automatically.

📷 2 months warranty
⚙️ Tested and works perfectly
🎞 Takes 35mm film

This camera is in Gold condition. Learn more about different camera conditions.

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