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Olympus OM20

Olympus OM20

The Olympus OM-20 is an SLR camera. It was built by Olympus from 1983 to 1987. It is the successor of the Olympus OM-10 and was mainly aimed at amateur photographers. On the North American market, the camera was sold under the name Olympus OM-G. Except for the engraving of the name, this model is identical to the OM-20.

The biggest innovation on this model was the addition of manual mode. Furthermore, a brighter focusing screen was installed and the ab readability of the shutter speed in the search was improved.

The lens of the Olympus OM-20 is interchangeable. Lenses with an Olympus OM bayonet can be used with the camera. A variety of lenses with different focal lengths from Olympus can be used. The lens is focused manually and does not have an autofocus.

The Olympus OM-20 is equipped with a built-in light meter. It can be used to measure the exposure for films with a sensitivity of ISO 25 to ISO 1600. The metering of the exposure takes place through the lens on the 35mm SLR (TTL).

📷 2 months warranty
⚙️ Tested and works perfectly
🎞 Takes 35mm film

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