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Olympus Pen F

Olympus Pen F

The Olympus Pen F half-frame system is an SLR, meaning it has a prism and mirrors so that what you see through the viewfinder is what the camera sees. However, it is as small as a rangefinder camera.

The camera is solidly built, compact, with a sleek, modern design.

It is a completely mechanical camera and doesn’t need any batteries. The shutter speeds range from B to 1/500th of a second.

The shutter is a focal plane rotary titanium shutter, which means it can flash sync at all shutter speeds, an unusual feature for an SLR camera.

This is possible because the shutter opens completely to let light in to expose the film, unlike the usual two curtain shutter of most 35mm cameras that only expose a portion of the frame as it moves across the film.

One of the great advantages to the rotary shutter and mirror system besides the ability to flash sync at all speeds is that there is very little camera shake, making it easier to hand-hold at lower shutter speeds.

The Pen F has no built-in light meter. A light meter wasn’t added until a later model on the Pen FT.

This Camera comes with a 40mm, 1:1.4 Olympus G-Zuiko Lens.

📷 2 months warranty
⚙️ Tested and works perfectly
🎞 Takes 35mm film

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