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Pentor Automatic 35-600

Pentor Automatic 35-600

This zone focus viewfinder 35mm camera was produced by Haking. The camera was sold in the UK by Dixons under the name Prinz Saturn 35 Auto and also appears to have been sold as a Hanimex Compact A, Weist 135L and Hitawa in some markets.

Lens: 40mm 1:2.8
Focus: Zone (4)
Metering: Automatic, CdS
Aperture: f/2.8 – f/22
Shutter: 1/40 or 1/200
ISO: 25-400ASA
Battery: px625a

📷 2 months warranty
⚙️ Tested and works perfectly
🎞 Takes 35mm film

This camera is in Gold condition. Learn more about different camera conditions.

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